Read what Ohio State University students had to say about their participation in Women's Circle.

“The circle was incredibly powerful. The activities helped me discover and explore my authentic self while also emphasizing the power of healthy relationships.”

“It is a safe place that provides an opportunity for important conversation that is lacking in today’s society.”

“Women’s Circle is probably one of the best things that I have ever become a part of at Ohio State.”

“It has taught me to deal with the issues and contributing factors that make up my identity. I have learned to address the parts of my identity that I am not as accepting of and learn how to make them better.”

“The circle gave me an opportunity to openly talk about the parts of me that I hold in, it has given me power over parts of me that I used to hinder my personality.”

“I absolutely loved it! Helped me see more of myself and other views to create myself into a better individual and appreciate those different from myself.”

“I could not even have expected all of the greatness that came out of this circle. It was like weekly therapy, but even more than that because we come to conclusions about ourselves, society, etc”.

“I was not sure what to expect from Women’s Circles, but they became the best time of my week. I found myself looking forward to my Friday Women’s Circle more than the weekend that followed it.”

“It was my time to be myself and to be honest about how I was feeling.”

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