Technical Assistance
The Girls Circle Association is a national consultant to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and is approved to provide training and technical assistance to agencies who serve adolescent girls.

What does this mean to you?
States, units of local government, or other requesting organizations can apply for federal funding to host the two-day “Girls Circle Facilitator Training, Promoting Resiliency in Adolescent Girls.” If approved, the OJJDP will partially fund the Girls Circle Training and travel-related costs. Your agency will only need to cover the costs of the manuals. Up to 50 participants can attend the training, so most organizations include their own organizational staff and also invite outside youth service providers in their local area.

Who may apply?
You must be an agency that either serves girls or for the purposes of the training, your group must be affiliated with an organization that serves girls. Participants that attend the training can be adults working in prevention and intervention and should also include service providers and agencies that work with girls in the juvenile justice system.

When can we schedule a training?
The OJJDP needs a 60 to 90 day lead-time to process your request (and sometimes longer). To secure the dates for your training, call our offices to confirm training dates and then you will enter this date on your application form.

How do we apply and what is the process for requesting funding?
To download a brief outline of the process and application form, please see: How to Receive Training and Technical Assistance through the OJJDP Formula Grants Program. Or, please contact our offices at 707-794-9477 and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Who benefits from the training?
The training has been developed for educators, social workers, community leaders, therapists, professionals, community leaders, and parents who are currently working with girls in support group settings, designing and implementing programs, or for those who would like to implement a Girls Circle program of their own. The Girls Circle model has been applied to programs in areas such as schools, peer leadership, health education, all juvenile justice settings, literacy, outdoor adventure, sports, pregnancy prevention, boys and girls clubs, scouting groups, school advisory groups, gang-prevention, substance abuse prevention, and beyond. Wherever girls come together! See Agenda for Girls Circle Training.


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