Our Allies
In addition to the hundreds of organizations providing Circles and Councils across North America and beyond, our community includes a select group of agencies with whom we have a special relationship. Below is a list of these dynamic and exemplary NGO’s we are proud to call our friends.

Alliance for Girls (AFG) is an association of about 60 Bay Area organizations and leaders serving 92,000 girls. AFG provides a unique contribution to the Bay Area in acting as a convener, educator and advocate for girls and the people and organizations who serve them.

Bay Area girls are disproportionately affected by lack of physical activity, sexually transmitted diseases, rape and sexual harassment, negative body image, eating disorders, depression, under-enrollment in computer education courses and single teen parenthood (Girls Report, San Francisco Department on the Status of Women). There are over a hundred organizations and hundreds of leaders in the Bay Area that are working to reverse these trends. By leveraging our respective resources and common goals, we can ensure every girl has the political and social support she needs to thrive.  www.alliance4girls.org


www.nobully.org | info@nobully.org
The Presidio of San Francisco, PO Box 29011, San Francisco, CA 94129

No Bully is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that partners with schools nationwide to implement a non-punitive and highly effective solution to end bullying and harassment. Research studies show that teachers and staff trained in the No Bully System® succeed in stopping student bullying in at least 80% of cases. No Bully is helping schools transform into learning communities that are truly inclusive. www.nobully.org


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New Moon Girls magazine and online community supports girls in developing their writing, artistic, video, and music talents, sharing their insights, developing critical thinking and media skills — all while learning to appreciate their own strengths and abilities. Meanwhile, they learn from the strengths and abilities of other girls — and dozens of inspirational women of yesterday and today. New Moon Girls is truly education for life, helping girls build self-worth grounded in what’s real and really important — rather than in the superficiality by which girls are so frequently urged to judge themselves and others. Support the girls in your life by ordering memberships here. For every order made from our site, One Circle Foundation receives a $10 donation from New Moon Girls!


Brave Girls Alliance asks media creators to expand their version of what it means to be a girl, and recognize our girls as whole, complex people and not as gender stereotypes. Stop profiting from selling girls short. Brave Girls Alliance believes that girls deserve better, because we know that the consequences to girls' well-being are serious. We ask media creators to rethink products in development and ensure they teach girls to be strong, intelligent, and adventurous. www.bravegirlswant.com

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