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The Council Facilitator Manual
Price: $104.00

This manual outlines the facilitator skills needed to implement the strengths-based Council program within their organizational settings and is a potent tool that is full of practical, useful information presented in our workshop.

Includes: Resiliency and Strengths-Based Principles, Masculinity Identity Theories, the Male Brain, Outline of The Council Model and Format, Role of the Facilitator, Responding to the Stages of Group Development, Building Ownership in the Council, How to Reduce and Respond Effectively to Challenging Behaviors, and the Experiential Model. Prepares agencies and individuals to offer boys a solid pathway toward healthy masculine identity development and encourages boys’ solidarity through personal and collective responsibility.

Growing Healthy, Going Strong
Price: $147.00

Boys will have fun identifying social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and smart options for growing up male in our culture. Competition, bullying, recognizing and expressing emotions, male and female role expectations, self confidence, and teamwork are highlighted through games and team challenges. Boys develop vocabulary and skills to expect and enact fairness, healthy competition, and respect for self and others.

Standing Together: A Journey Into Respect
Price: $147.00

This guide provides engaging ways to address common themes which pre-teens and early adolescents encounter, including breaking down social-cultural barriers, motives and actions around put-downs, knowing their personal rights, defining assumptions about male power, respecting others'' physical boundaries, understanding and using the energy of strong emotions, and standing up for each other in community.

Living A Legacy: A Rite of Passage
Price: $147.00

Young men gain skills and knowledge to navigate growing up male in today’s society through the introduction of topics and experiential activities that address a myriad of relevant challenges - safely, powerfully, and within a spirit of “council” connection. Boys will explore: relationships, conflict resolution, education, leadership, community service, diversity, mass media messages, personal values, integrity, and future goals.

Journey of the Great Warrior
Price: $221.00

18 Sessions including 8 Nature Sessions. Recommended Prerequisite: Living a Legacy Activity Guide

Using the symbol of the Medicine Wheel of the indigenous people of the Americas and the metaphor of the journey of a great warrior, this guide takes young men further into a holistic process of growth and transformation that includes four areas of human development: emotional/spiritual, psychological, social, and intellectual.

The journey begins by exploring marginalized young men’s challenges, strengths, and coping strategies formed after a premature loss of love and protection in the family and the natural world. A “journey of return” invites council members to rediscover a sustaining internal resource of protection, security and belonging, or “Home Base.” The journey continues to build upon individual and collective resources to reclaim or create dreams, develop goals, increase social and cooperative skills, and choose and apply transformative behaviors in their relationships and activities in order to overcome barriers and create lives of contribution, meaning, and connection. Group challenges include: the Great Warrior’s personal narrative, Trapped Inside the Dungeon - a cycle of addiction and exit strategies, Crossing the Bridge in nature, Vision Charting, The Voice of Nature, “Hardware-Software” and Personal Traits, Planning and Executing an Ecological Project, Role Play with a Leadership Style, and many more activities both indoors and in the outdoors to empower participants to recognize their interdependency and value within all of life’s systems- social, personal, and in the natural world.

Men of Honor, Set 1: Becoming Respectful, Nonviolent Leaders
Price: $184.00

Set One builds the framework for Men of Honor by exploring “man box” messages promoted in the media and their effects on young men. Foundational sessions address topics such as: Masculinity in the Media, Exploring Emotions, Becoming Nonviolent Leaders, Engaging in Education, with some themes covered over two sessions for expanded impact. Activities include use of digital media, media analysis, realistic scenarios in social and social media contexts, physical games, storytelling, art, an original school survival “board” game, journals, and an optional resume builder tool.

Men of Honor, Set 2: Becoming Respectful, Nonviolent Leaders
Price: $184.00

Set Two further expands the examination of male gender norms, their effect on young men and their relationships, and the development of respectful, nonviolent models of manhood. These highly relevant topics include: Respecting Women and Girls, Respecting Intimate Partners, Challenging Homophobia and Becoming Allies, Forming Healthy and Safer Sex Practices, Digging into Substance Use, and Becoming Men of Honor. Experiential activities include: magazine gender norms search, common intimate partner/dating scenarios, rigid norms vs. respectful and leadership, fact or fiction game, athletes making history, LGBT youth video clips, an original card game promoting conversations about sex , creating PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) video, Substances Jeopardy, an individual Motivational Interviewing tool, creating symbolic shields, journaling, and ceremony.

Men of Honor Sets 1 & 2
Price: $368.00

In this groundbreaking, trauma responsive and timely Two Set curriculum, young men ages 13 years and older examine rigid and harmful gender norms and develop definitions of manhood guided by respect and non-violent behaviors. Fun, thought-provoking and uniquely designed activities and conversations engage participants to examine these harmful beliefs that impose limits on them and work together towards becoming respected leaders and connected allies in their communities.

The Council Complete Set
Price: $1020.00

A Value of $1,134 - Priced at 10% Off
Fully developed male-responsive curricula to engage, challenge, celebrate, develop, and unite boys. This set includes Growing Healthy, Going Strong; Standing Together: A Journey Into Respect; Living A Legacy: A Rite of Passage; Journey of the Great Warrior; Men of Honor: Becoming Respectful, Nonviolent Leaders - Sets 1 & 2; and The Council Facilitator Manual.

Friendship Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

Groundbreaking guide that addresses exclusion, intolerance, and feuding. Confronts relational aggression and shores girls up with strong interpersonal skills; knocks down barriers to pride, confidence, and empathy. Themes include topics such as "Being Included, Being Left Out," & "Feuds, Followers & Fairness." Increases caring and relational competence.

Being A Girl Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

Introduces girls to the positive experience of a support circle addressing topics such as "Growing Up Female," "Growth and Self-Care," and "Female Role Models." Activities include collage, affirmations, and theme-related crafts. Great kit for middle-school girls new to support groups.

Body Image Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

Examines cultural messages and personal beliefs that influence body image. Themes emphasize raising awareness, recognizing body signals, and exploring underlying causes of poor body image. Topics cover physical awareness, health, and emotional balance through media exploration, imagery, art, personal story telling, and more. Excellent prevention program.

Honoring Our Diversity Activity Guide
Price: $168.00

Recognizes girls’ varied cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds emphasizing positive identity and alliance building. Includes discussions and activities that cover topics such as “Stereotype Busting,“ “Beyond Fear,“ “Cultural Treasures,“ “Culture Clash,“ and includes a community advocacy exercise. Themes focus on appreciating diversity in girls lives by identifying biases, developing navigational tools in a multi-cultural society, and promoting understanding and respect within and between groups. Guide includes a girls'' journal for weekly reflection.

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity Guide
Price: $168.00

This excellent prevention program addresses alcohol, tobacco, and drug decision-making as well as healthy sexuality, promoting abstinence and/or reduction to high-risk behaviors by exploring the realities of risk and the power of self-care. Helps girls examine and evaluate choices through affirmations, role-play, media influence, journal writing, videos and more. Addresses sexuality decision-making and definitions of "infatuation, desire, and love" through real teen stories, music messages, and personal standards activity. Outstanding prevention program that promotes critical thinking and is much enjoyed by girls!

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity Guide - In Spanish & English
Price: $200.00

Spanish & English in one guide. This excellent prevention program considers the rich, cultural context of Latina life and provides culturally adapted discussion and activities that empower Latina girls to express their views, determine goals, and balance their well-being, safety, and inter-personal relationships. Considers and explores the traditions, perspectives, and experiences of Latinas when addressing decision making about sexual activity, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Examines the impact of risk behaviors on Latina girls’ relationships with their families, the community, and their own personal development. Builds media literacy skills by exploring messages aimed at or promoted within Hispanic communities. Based on the original Mind, Body, Spirit guide, this guide aims to focus on preventing and reducing high-risk behaviors for Latina girls throughout the adolescent years.

Expressing My Individuality Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

Explores topics such as celebrating individuality, diversity, getting along with others, and addresses goals, conflict styles, feeling good about ourselves, and taking time to relax. Activities include values exploration, "How Others See Me," making dream catchers, potting a plant to symbolize personal growth, and finally culminates with a girls'''' compliment circle. A variety of topics and activities for middle and high school girls!

Relationships with Peers Activity Guide
Price: $147.00

Enhances girls'' awareness of their relationships with themselves and others. Themes include "Expressing Myself," "Accepting Different Parts of Myself," "Giving Voice to Feelings,” Romantic Relationships, ” “Girlfights or Girlfriends” and are complimented by activities such as journalling, role-play, sculpting, and more. Highly engaging for teen girls.

Who I Am Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

Works with girls to examine identity, assertiveness skills, and goal setting through role-play, mandala-making, relationship to music, and more. Themes include "Journaling and Self-Disclosure," "Song About Me-Who I Am," "Personal Growth/Assertiveness," and "Life Goals/Personal Goals." Very well received by high school girls.

Paths to the Future Activity Guide
Price: $168.00

A skills-building support circle for use with at-risk or court- involved girls. Examines thoughts, beliefs, and actions about friendships, trust, authority figures, mother/daughter relationships, sexuality, dating violence, HIV, drug abuse, stress and goal setting. Opens up girls to important exploration regarding their choices and behaviors and examines ways to promote self-care and healthy decision-making through lively, prepared discussions and activities. Creative activities include assertiveness role-plays, collage, progressive relaxation, writing, creating "Lifemaps" and more.

Wise & Well Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

Teen girls are literally bombarded with potential risks to their safety in all areas of their lives - whether it is living in the technological age of cyberbullying, sexting, and online predators or dealing with the high prevalence of binge drinking and marijuana use, depression, anxiety, coping with emotional pain or experiencing hardships at home.

Yet adolescent girls are a wealth of wisdom and their capacities for health and wellness are rooted in the strengths and bonds of healthy relationships. In this guide, girls and facilitators walk through the myriad of common 21st Century risks with discussions and activities that inspire eyes wide open, minds sharp and aware, and hearts willing to step up to leadership for their own health and safety. Activities include navigating the digital world of cyberspace, social networking, and texting, practicing coping skills, decision making and "being in charge" in relation to drinking and drug use, and busting the stigma about mental health. In this guide, girls find that their true desires, power, best intentions, and shared knowledge are robust resources to stay safe and whole on their path toward womanhood.

My Family, My Self Activity Guide
Price: $116.00

This essential guide gets at the critical importance of girls’ development within the context of their family relationships and offers girls the opportunity to safely and respectfully acknowledge and explore the many gifts and challenges of growing up within the family unit. Girls are invited to share the influence of their families and cultural values on their own social-emotional development, and build skills to strengthen their confidence in relationships with relatives and peers. Themes address family and cultural identity, storytelling, coping styles, the influence of family substance abuse and/or domestic violence on girls’ lives, family expectations, and girls’ goal setting. Activities such as creating genograms, stress reducers, lifemaps, defining personal rights and boundaries, setting goals, and planning for obstacles along the way create a foundation of confidence for girls as they honor the significance of their family relationships – no matter the status - to foster healthy interpersonal skills now and in their future.

Mother-Daughter Circle: "Heart of the Matter"
Price: $168.00

In this Activity Guide, mothers or female caregivers and their daughters join together in combined and age-appropriate groups to strengthen their bonds through shared listening, creative expression, and skill building. "Heart of the Matter" promotes empathy, communication skills, stress reduction, setting limits and honoring boundaries, exploring meanings and messages about female identity, identifying relationship accountability, and experiencing affirmation together and within their broader female community. Co-facilitation recommended.

La Mariposa Activity Guide
Price: $199.00

La Mariposa: A Personal Empowerment Program for Adolescent Latinas engages girls in twelve interactive workshop sessions where facilitators teach personal empowerment skills (JARS – Journaling, Affirmations, Personal Rules and Setting Goals). Girls will learn about the power within and the ways in which they can lead the direction of their lives, in addition to valuable skills that assist girls in exploring the impact of the values, norms and beliefs that shape them, especially those that present barriers. This guide specifically addresses the challenges with assimilating to a dual-cultural life, and reinforces a sense of pride and connection with Latina culture. All workshops are facilitated in a relational, strengths-based, trauma informed and culturally competent manner.

Girls Circle Complete Set
Price: $1635.00

A Value of $1,818 - Priced at 10% Off
The Complete Set of twelve Girls Circle Activity Guides that are rich with skill-building themes and activities that promote critical thinking in all areas of girls’ lives. Also included are the Facilitator Manual and the Evaluation Tool Kit. Does not include Mind, Body, Spirit for Latinas or La Mariposa.

Price: $348.00

Buy all three programs designed to meet girls where they are and develop a healthy foundation with female identity, friendships, and body image.

Price: $568.00

Buy all four programs addressing innovative ways to cultivate respect, build alliances, and examine beliefs, values, and choices about girls’ lives and the world around them.

Price: $546.00

Buy all four programs designed to strengthen girls’ skills to move into more complex definitions of relationship to self and others - exploring feelings, goals, assertiveness, and achieving success.

Girls Circle Facilitator Manual
Price: $104.00

Start your Girls Circle journey here by learning the guiding principles, theoretical framework, and foundational structure of the Girls'' Circle program, a research based model proven to increase girls’ self-efficacy, body image, and social support. Facilitators and organizations that serve girls in any setting or culture will find this one-of-kind facilitator manual rich with practical, useful information presented in our workshop.

Girls Circle Evaluation Tool Kit
Price: $83.00

Contains all the materials you need to measure outcomes with your Girls Circle program in conjunction with any combination of the Girls Circle Activity Guides. This comprehensive Toolkit and Administrative Manual provides the Girls Circle Survey, a measurement instrument designed specifically for use within organizations using the Girls Circle model, and integrates a validated self-efficacy instrument. Additional contents include step-by-step instructions for program evaluation, consent forms, and information sheets. Spanish language Survey and forms also included. Reproducible within purchasing organizations.

Measures the following:
* School Attachment
* Avoiding Self-Harm
* Positive Body Image
* Avoiding Alcohol
* Avoiding Tobacco
* Communicating Needs to Adults
* Making Healthy Choices regarding Nutrition, Self-Care and Activities
* Using Protection if choosing sexual activity
* Self-Efficacy [Schwarzer''s Self-Efficacy Scale]

The One Circle Set
Price: $2358.00

A Value of $2,947 - Priced at 20% Off!
Save nearly $600 and fulfill your organization’s need for male and female-responsive programming with this set of nearly all Activity Guides from our Girls Circle and The Council for Boys and Young Men programs! This powerful package has the capacity to transform the culture of your organization or community into one that truly empowers youth. Includes all 12 Girls Circle Activity Guides, 4 Council Activity Guides, in addition to the two new Men of Honor guides, the Facilitator Manuals for both models, and the Girls Circle Evaluation Tool Kit. (The Council for Boys and Young Men Evaluation Packet is downloadable here.) Implement these strengths-based programs across the board and see results!
Does not include Mind, Body, Spirit for Latinas or La Mariposa.

Identity - Who I Am Women's Circle Activity Guide
Price: $147.00

Supports women’s self –discovery and the importance of each one''s place in family, community, and culture by examining “What Does it Mean to be Me?” and societal messages about identity. Women share values, influences, dreams and roles within the context of family and culture leading to sharing of self-expressions, acceptance and affirmations in a supportive community.

Relationships Women's Circle Activity Guide
Price: $147.00

Addresses relationships in women’s lives, including intimacy, sexuality, and personal standards. Explores working and professional relationships, family and friendships, as well as competition and community. Women journal, brainstorm, role-play, and discuss topics with an inclusive approach, fostering deep connections and exploration of the importance of healthy relationships to women’s lives and well-being.

Being A Well Woman Women's Circle Activity Guide
Price: $147.00

Focuses on holistic health and wellness using a variety of creative processes such as collage, games, surveys, case studies, and analysis along with guided visualization, stress relief and inspirational role models to explore self-care and how to support one another. Themes include physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational and financial wellness, as well as intimacy and sexual wellness in women’s lives.

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