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Now Available! – Grant Writer’s Template for those preparing proposals to implement Girls Circle and The Council for Boys and Young Men programs. View and download in PDF.

Thirteen Activity Guides in themes relevant to girls lives that builds on protective factors and improves relationships in a format that interests and engage girls. READ MORE

Six fully developed male-responsive curricula to engage, challenge, celebrate, develop, and unite boys. READ MORE

The Girls Circle Complete Set
Order the Complete Set of Girls Circle Activity Guides and save. Rich with skill-building themes and activities that promote critical thinking in all areas of girls’ live. Over a years worth of well-planned program curricula! 

   A Value of $1,818 - Priced at 10% Off: $1,635

The Council for Boys and Young Men
Complete Set

Now including the two new Men of Honor guides - Set 1 & 2! Receive six Council Activity Guides, plus The Council Facilitator Manual. The user-friendly guides contain step-by-step instructions on leading discussions, teambuilding, and creative activities.

    A Value of $1,134 - Priced at 10% Off: $1,020

View Samples from 3 Girls Circle Guides: Friendship - Session 2 | Honoring Our Diversity - Session 3 | My Family, My Self - Session 2


View Samples from 3 Council Guides: Standing Together - Session 9 | Living a Legacy - Session 5 | Journey of the Great Warrior - Session 12

Click here to browse our entire line of curricula and find the right themes for your participants. 24 unique curricula available!

Mother-Daughter Circle "Heart of
the Matter" Activity Guide

Mothers or Female Caregivers and their daughters join together to strengthen their bonds through shared listening, creative expression, and skill building.

The Evaluation Tool Kit
Contains all curricula you need to measure outcomes with your Girls Circle program in conjunction with any combination of the Girls Circle Activity Guides.    MORE
The Girls Circle
Facilitator Manual

Start your Girls Circle journey here by learning the guiding principles, theoretical framework, and foundational structure of the Girls Circle program.

Living A Legacy Activity Guide - The Council for Boys and
Young Men

Young men gain skills and knowledge to navigate growing up male in today’s society within a spirit of “council” connection. 
View All 24 Unique Curricula!

Visit our Curricula Sets page and find pre-packaged programming that's just right for your organization's youth-serving needs - like the One Circle Set, below!

The One Circle Set - Programming for Girls & Boys!
Includes all eleven Girls Circle Activity Guides, the Mother-Daughter Circle Activity Guide, four Council Activity Guides - plus the two new Men of Honor guides - Sets 1 & 2, the Facilitator Manuals for both models, and the Girls Circle Evaluation Tool Kit. (The Council for Boys and Young Men Evaluation Packet is downloadable here.) Implement these strengths-based programs across the board and see results!    MORE

    A $2,947 Value - Priced at 20% Off: $2,358


Choose from three Women's Circle Activity Guides. Culturally responsive and adaptable to the program goals for your women's group or organization. MORE

Identity - Who I Am
10 Week Program. Supports women’s self-discovery and the importance of each one's place in family, community, and culture by examining “What Does it Mean to be Me?” and societal messages about identity.

10 Week Program. Addresses relationships in women’s lives, including intimacy, sexuality, and personal standards. Explores professional relationships, family and friendships, and community.

Being A Well Woman
10 Week Program. Focuses on holistic health and wellness using a variety of creative processes such as collage, games, case studies, along with guided visualization, stress relief and inspirational role models to explore self-care and how to support one another.


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